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Freedom Divers Center

Our Dive Centre is located in Safaga on the Red Sea between Toubia hotel and Diver House which are mainly used by divers. The Dive centre is fully equipped with a training room, fully functioning workshop, wash & dry room and our own compressor facility. We also have a base on the beech less than 20m away for when we dive the house reef to wash and store equipment and our boat is less than 5 minutes walk away.
We offer a range of services from half and full day boat trips, house reef diving, Recreational, Technical & Professional Courses and live aboard trips.
Our facility is fully self sufficient with 2 Bauer compressors with extra filtration to ensure the air you breathe is the best quality, we mix our own Nitrox, Trimix and any blend to suit our customers. When you dive with us you really are in safe hands, we are fully equipped to deal with any emergency and are the only Dive Centre in Safaga to have a defibrillator kit.

Our equipment for you

  • Over 30 complete recreational rental kits
  • Dive Computer and Torch hire
  • 100 Aluminum tanks in 15, 12, 10, 6 & 4 liters CCR Tanks
  • 5 side mount kits from Hollis, X-Deep and Scuba Force
  • 5 back twin sets
  • 5 full Technical set
  • AP Diving inspiration unit
  • Full First Aid Kit
  • 100% oxygen
  • AED Automated External Defibrillator
  • Decompression Chamber locally

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