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Freedom Divers Safaga - Dive Center


Your competent partner from the beginner to professional divers. It would be a pleasure to welcome you to Safaga on the Red Sea in the heart of Egypt. You can get the most information about your hobby here (diving). Since 02-01-07 the freedom diver centre is in German-Egypt hand.

We can promise you the most diving pleasure in Safaga. Salem-Express, Panorama-Riff or Abu Kafan are some of the favourite divesites around Safaga. Also you can make trips to Elphinstone or Abu-Dabab with us. Just ask us about the special trips and offers. All those facilities are close to the Safaga hotel "Toubia".

Also within 100 km you can watch dugongs, turtles and sting rays. You can book half day and full day trips with a boat and tours starting at the hotel or you can dive right from our beautiful beach, no need to carry your equpiment too far. There are always reef sharks, turtles, and dolphins around. Divers who want to shoot pictures under water will always have a sensational view. We have something for everyone, from the professional diver to the first time diver.

We can offer you an inexpensive and comfortable vacation (with us there is no mass diving, but is individual). At night you can join us in the Beach Bar for BBQ or go out for a drink to the "Diverhouse" close to the "Toubia hotel".