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135 €

Wreck Divers

Duration : 2 Dives 1 Day
Equipment : Available for Rent for an Additional Fee
Requirements : Open Water Diver Certification


Wreck diving can be one of the most exciting aspects of sport diving, however every effort must be made to maximize safe diving techniques. The SDI Wreck Diver Course will discuss the equipment and techniques commonly employed while wreck diving. This course may be taught as a non-penetration, 2 dives requirement, or as a limited-penetration course, requiring 3 dives. Limited-penetration is defined as a swim through or within the ambient light of entry point.

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  • ● Pro’s and Con’s of Wreck Diving
  • ● Surface Supports
  • ● Communications, when and if necessary
  • ● Buddy system and Buddy contact
  • ● Navigation
  • ● Special equipment