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350 €

TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor Course

Duration : 3 Days
Equipment : Available for Rent for an Additional Fee
Requirements : Certified as an TDI Advanced Nitrox diver, Must have certified 10 students in entry-level nitrox


This is the instructor level certification course for instructors wishing to teach the use of EAN-21 - 100 percent oxygen (O₂) for optimal mixes to a depth of 40 metres / 130 feet. The object of this course is to train nitrox instructors to teach the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for EAN-21 = 100 percent oxygen (O₂) for dives not requiring staged decompression.

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  • ● Best mix computations
  • ● Maximum operating depth of a mixture computation
  • ● Equivalent air depth (EAD) with any table
  • ● Nitrogen absorption and elimination
  • ● Diving with 100 percent oxygen